Unlock an achievement!

Unlock an achievement to recognize the work of someone and give them a motivation boost!


It can be hard to explicitely appreciate someone for their behaviour. And it can be even harder to accept appreciation. And yet appreciation is something that can have such a big impact on people's motivation.

We made this web app to provide a simple and lightweight way to recognize achievements, share your thanks and celebrate small success and learnings. This helps spreading a positive message to your friends or within a team of company to your co-workers. It is inspired by physical 'Achievement unlocked' cards of Co-Learning and the Kudos Cards of Management 3.0.

Often, people feel a lack of recognition for what they are doing. Success is rarely celebrated, and if so it usually needs to be a substancial success. Celebrating small successes with something like achievement cards is therefor an easy cultural hack.

For more information consult the blogpost on recognizing individual achievements.